Project Nero performs investments and acquisitions of small businesses in Scotland and Northern England. We also get involved in turnarounds and provide a consultancy service. We specialise in growth and digital transformation of non-technology companies as well as leveraging our portfolio companies to push our investments forward.

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About Project Nero

Project Nero is especially well positioned to be able to be able to help non-technical service based businesses. Our main expertise is in technology and operational automation. We are looking for investment and acquisition opportunities in Scotland and the North of England in businesses between £1million and £5 million annual revenue.

We also offer a consultancy service and try our best to offer as much advice as we can for free as we just love talking about business and helping other business owners if we can. Read through our blog articles for more information on what we do and how we do it.

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Our Process

Regardless of how we’re involved in a business, we have a similar process. It all begins with a discussion.

Lets have a meeting and find our what your goals are
We come up with a plan to move forward
Action is more valuable than ideas
Finalise the deal


We have an in-house management team that both contributes to our portfolio companies but also has a wealth of knowledge from which to pull for consultancy assignments. We can provide help on growth, turnarounds, technology, marketing, finanance and accounting and general business advice. We can provide this in many different forms and are open to many different forms of remuneration.

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our portfolio


A cutting-edge accounting and bookkeeping company.

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Q4 Laundry

A commercial laundry service catering to the hospitality sector in Edinburgh and Midlothian.

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A small but mighty chain of three laundrettes in Midlothian, Scotland.

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Strive Digital

A top-notch Digital Development Agency based in beautiful Northumberland.

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Johnson Property Maintenance

This incredible company has been a cornerstone for Project Nero, providing a skilled trade team that’s essential for maintaining and enhancing the physical properties in our growing portfolio.

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Funding by Project Nero

If you wish to start a new business or want to grow an existing one, we’re very interested in investment opportunities. Get in touch and tell us your story and your plan and even if we end up not investing, we’re happy to offer as much free advice as we can as we like to support other business owners in our community.

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latest news

Introducing QuickLedger: The Future of Tech-Driven Accounting

Discover how QuickLedger sets itself apart with innovative technology and expert financial management for Project Nero.

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Project Nero Acquires Q4 Laundry

Learn how Project Nero plans to transform Q4 Laundry into the best linen service for the local hospitality market.

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Project Nero Acquires Staypress

Staypress joins Project Nero: Our vision for digital innovation and growth in the laundry sector.

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