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Project Nero does investments and acquisitions of small businesses in Scotland and Northern England. We also get involved in turnarounds and provide a consultancy service. We specialise in growth and digital transformation of non-technology companies as well as leveraging our portfolio companies to push our investments forward.

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Introducing QuickLedger: The Future of Tech-Driven Accounting

Discover how QuickLedger sets itself apart with innovative technology and expert financial management for Project Nero.

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Project Nero Acquires Q4 Laundry

Learn how Project Nero plans to transform Q4 Laundry into the best linen service for the local hospitality market.

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Project Nero Acquires Staypress

Staypress joins Project Nero: Our vision for digital innovation and growth in the laundry sector.

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Announcing the Acquisition of Strive Digital

Learn about our latest acquisition, Strive Digital, and how it strengthens Project Nero's technological capabilities.

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Spotlight on Johnson Property Maintenance

Project Nero integrates Johnson Property Maintenance for superior property management and future commercial investments.

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Project Nero’s Partnership with Scottish Dobermann Rescue

Project Nero supports Scottish Dobermann Rescue with resources, financial donations, and digital expertise.

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Introducing Project Nero: Breathing New Life into Traditional Businesses

Learn how Project Nero supports small businesses through acquisitions, consultancy, and technological innovation.

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